Technology is everywhere but older adults are often on the sidelines when it comes to using computers, tablets, smartphones and the internet.  Arlington Independent Media’s technology classes for older adults hopes to change that.  In relaxed and fun, short form workshops, AIM’s classes clearly explain today’s most common communication technologies. Computers, smartphones, social media, photography and the internet are among the areas covered in these informative workshops.

Basic Internet Literacy

Whether you are new to computers or have been using them for years, our Basic Internet Literacy class will help older adults surf the internet safely and with confidence. In this fun one-session course, participants will learn the basics of web browsers and how search works, understand cloud computing, how to create safe user names and passwords, avoid on-line scams, and more. 

Smart Phone Basics

Smartphone ownership among older adults is rising steadily.  Yet, many are still not using these tools to their fullest. Designed specifically for older adults, this one-session workshop starts at the basics and teaches participants how to get the most from their Apple or Android mobile device.  Choosing the right device, touchscreen basics, changing keyboards, connecting to Wi-Fi, downloading apps, and device security are among the areas covered in this informative workshop.

Smart Phone Photography for Older Adults

Today’s smartphone cameras can produce extraordinary images, but many older smartphone users never take advantage of these devices to capture, edit, and share great pictures.  This hands-on, two-week workshop will demystify smartphone cameras and teach participants how to create great pictures with them. Photo basics, learning the controls, picture composition, free photo apps, image editing, sharing, and archiving are among the areas covered in this fun and practical workshop.

Social Media

Social Media can help people of all generations communicate and access information.  But for older adults especially, social media can be an essential tool for getting in touch, renewing old friendships, and staying connected and involved with friends, family, and community. This two-week class will provide an in-depth examination of the most popular social media platforms and help participants create a safe and secure on-line presence.  Creating profiles, finding friends and family, privacy settings, on-line safety, and how to avoid scams and fake news are among the topics covered in this relaxed pace and enjoyable workshop.