Small Business Media Toolkit

This workshop provides an overview of what media assets every business and organization should have available, and how the use of web-based media management platforms can save you time and help amplify your message. This workshop will review technical standards for using still images, video and audio in email, social media, websites and print; and explore low cost applications to help increase productivity and extend your reach.

Smartphone Photography For Small Business

Do you have a full-time professional photographer on staff? Probably not. Yet up-to-date, good quality pictures of your business or organization’s activities are an essential part of your social media presence. This hands-on, two-week workshop teaches participants the art and science of capturing great pictures with smartphones. Photo basics, learning the controls, picture composition, making the most of available light, creative effects, inexpensive photo applications, image editing, sizing, social media sharing, and archiving are among the areas covered in this fun and practical workshop.

Video Production for Smartphones & Tablets

Learn to shoot and edit impactful videos for your business or organization using just your smart phone, iPad, or tablet computer. This two-week (6 hours) workshop will teach participants to create polished videos quickly, even on a tight budget. Production planning, choosing the right equipment and software, shot composition, lighting, audio, editing and working with talent are among the areas covered in this fast-paced workshop.