We’re thrilled to welcome our community back into AIM this fall for a new round of in-person classes! Login to our new Member Portal to register, renew your AIM membership, and sign up for any of the courses below.

Current AIM members: an account in our portal has already been created for you. To login, just enter the email address associated with your original AIM account and hit “forgot password” to gain access (you should not have to pay your membership dues again if you were up to date in our old system). Here are some videos that’ll walk you through the class registration process. You can also learn more about the new Member Portal here, or reach out to if you need assistance.

This six week, three hour course covers the basic principles and techniques of television studio production. Upon completion, members are certified to reserve, operate and volunteer in the AIM studio. Get hands-on experience in a professional television studio under the guidance of an informative instructor. In this course students learn how to use the studio cameras, production switcher, character generator, studio audio, and lighting equipment. Each student has the opportunity to experience various crew positions, with the final class culminating in an original program created and produced by the class. Completion of this course certifies AIM members to reserve and operate the studio for their productions, and to volunteer on the studio productions of other AIM producers.

Mondays, September 12th & 26th, Oct 3rd, 10th, 17th, & 24th from 7-10pm (no class Sept 19th)

Class fee: $175.00
Instructor: Kathi Overton

This six-week, three-hour course covers the basic principles and techniques of field video production. Suitable for beginners as well as those with previous video experience, this course covers basic video technology, pre-production planning, interviewing, and field shooting. With a small class size and access to the latest in video equipment, students enjoy hands-on experience and guided instruction from a staff producer. Students will learn video terminology and cover topics such as lighting set-up, audio recording, shot lists, and more. Field production culminates in a final project produced over the course of the class, often a short informational video relevant to the Arlington community. After completing the course, participants are awarded field certification, making them eligible to check out field equipment from AIM.

Tuesdays – Nov 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, & Dec 6, 7-10pm

Class fee: $175.00
Instructor: Linda Lawson

This course explores the function and operation of the WERA-LP radio broadcast booth.

Part I of this course is conducted online over Zoom, and covers the fundamentals of live radio broadcasting, including FCC regulations and the procedures and expectations for a WERA producer. Completion of Part I, including a written test, qualifies aspiring radio producers for hands-on training in WERA’s radio booth.

Tuesday/Thursday, Sept 20th & 22nd, 7:30-9pm
Cost: $25

In Part II, students receive hands-on, small group training in the booth. Basic signal flow, microphone use, operating audio sources, transitioning, and production workflow are among the areas covered in this fast-paced class. This workshop is required to produce or engineer a program for WERA 96.7 FM.

Section 1: Tuesday/Thursday, September 27th & 29th – 7:30-9pm
Section 2: Tuesday/Thursday, Oct 4th & 6th – 7:30-9pm
Cost: $75

Instructor: Alvin Jones

From developing your show’s vision, to planning an editorial calendar and hiring the crew, producing is the organized creative act that drives every aspect of the production process. This two day, three hour course covers the elements of pre-production planning, production, and post production that students will need to be successful in producing their own video and audio programs at Arlington Independent Media. Through hands-on activities, you’ll learn the fundamentals of planning, producing, interview prep, scripting, and editing. Completion of this class is a requirement for approval of an AIM television or radio show proposal.

Session 1: Saturday/Sunday, September 24th & 25th – 10am-1pm
Session 2: Wednesdays, October 26th and November 2nd – 7-10pm
Session 3: Monday/Wednesday, Dec 5th and 7th – 7-10pm

Class Fee: $75
Instructor: Kristen Clark

This four week, two hour course is an in-depth introduction to the techniques of nonlinear editing with Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Class meets two evenings per week, and covers all the basics of creating a project in Premiere Pro, including inputting source footage, organizing their project, assembling and trimming sequences, editing audio, creating titles, and outputting a finished program. Students are guided through hands-on exercises and have access to additional practice time outside of class, and will come away with a foundation in the theory and practice of video editing that will serve them on any editing platform. Upon completion, members are certified to reserve and utilize the editing stations at AIM.

Tuesdays & Thursdays, October 11th, 13th, 18th, 20, 25th & 27th, Nov 1st & 3rd – 7-9pm
Class fee: $300 (Students will need to provide their own one-month subscription to Adobe Premiere CC (~$32)
Instructor: Ose Ogunfiditimi

This class is a single three-hour workshop that covers media literacy, community media and our production process here at AIM. Introduction to Community Media focuses on the basics of media literacy as well as the rights and responsibilities of a community media producer. A significant portion of the workshop is devoted to AIM procedures and programming guidelines.
This free workshop has traditionally been a prerequisite for all other AIM classes and the use of AIM production equipment and facilities. New AIM members will have until the December 20th, 2022 to complete this requirement.

Session 1: Sunday, September 25th – 4-7pm
Session 2: Thursday, October 13th – 6-9pm
Session 3: Wednesday, November 9th – 6:30-9:30pm
Session 4: Thursday, December 8th – 6:30-9:30pm

Class Fee: FREE
Instructor: Whytni Kernodle

Every great show needs a great visual identity to help it stand out from the crowd. In this four week, two hour course, students will create an original logo for their podcast, TV or Radio show using Adobe Illustrator. By the end of the course, you’ll be familiar with some fundamentals of design, the basic features of Illustrator, how to save in the correct formats and sizes (including promo graphics for TV and social media platforms), and how to best leverage your logo to promote your show!

Dates TBD for January 2023
Cost: $80 (Students will need to provide their own one-month subscriptions to Adobe Illustrator (~$32) and Canva
Instructor: Kim Phillip