Youth Camps


What are your kids doing this summer?

At Arlington Independent Media, they’ll spend a week immersed in storytelling and creativity while learning to be real media makers! Arlington Independent Media is thrilled to offer a brand new slate of week-long summer media camps for kids aged 10-14.

At AIM, we want to change the way youth relate to media. Using the language of the YouTubers, TikTokers, and podcasters that kids love–we’ll give kids the camera and mic, transforming them from passive consumers to active media creators. Crucially, we will also show them how to decode the array of media messages around them.

Working collaboratively under the guidance of specialized instructors and active media professionals, your child will learn important communication, media literacy, and critical thinking skills through fun, hands-on projects. They’ll come away with professional media production techniques that will set them up to tell the stories that matter most to them. 

AIM offers three sessions of two separate one-week intensives.

Students can specialize in video, radio/podcasting, or both as back-to-back intensives putting them on a path to become master media-makers!

Radio and Podcasting Intensive

In this immersive, hands-on audio course, campers will explore the tools to produce podcast episodes, radio plays, and short audio docs. They will start and end with the essentials of recording audio and along the way, approach the art of the interview, the basics of story structure, character development, and journalistic reporting.

Campers will work in teams–taking on the roles of host, producer, reporter, interviewee, and editor. They will learn to follow their own curiosity while developing listening, research, writing, public speaking, and organizational skills. And they’ll meet with professional radio hosts and producers.

At the end of the week, campers’ will get to hear their work aired on the radio as part of a special showcase on Arlington radio station 96.7 WERA!

Video Storytelling Intensive

Campers will work in teams to write, shoot, perform in, and edit their own short docs, Tiktoks, and YouTube-style videos, all the while learning foundational principles of media literacy, critical thinking, and storytelling. 

Campers will receive hands-on training with real professional audio and video gear, and learn the skills they need to make high-quality videos with as little as a smartphone.

They’ll learn technical skills like storyboarding, shot composition, basic audio and video recording and editing. And, they will develop soft skills in collaboration, peer critique, persuasion and research.

The week will culminate in a “film festival” where they will share their work with their families and peers.

Click on the links to choose from the sessions below, when registering you will be asked to specify if you want the Radio and Podcasting Intensive, Video Storytelling Intensive, or both.

Questions: Contact us at 703-524-2388 or email