video production

The first step is completing your membership, followed by mandatory attendance in our main prerequisite workshop, Introduction to Community Media. Once you fulfill these two requirements, your path to production begins!

You are encouraged to use AIM equipment and facilities to produce programming for our channels (Comcast 69 and Verizon 38 in Arlington County). Be sure that you are certified in the necessary workshops to do so.

Here is a step-by-step guide for when you are ready to produce a show at AIM:

Before you Begin Production

  1. Complete an online Program Information Form, or download a PDF file to fill out Program Information form (PDF)
  2. Schedule a meeting with AIM production staff. AIM staff is available to consult and assist in the planning stages of your project.
  3. Gather volunteers for your crew. 
    1. If your shoot takes place in the AIM studio, your volunteers must be certified in Studio Production.
    2. If your volunteers will be handling AIM portable equipment, they must be certified in Field Production.
    3. If your volunteers will be using AIM editing facilities, they must be certified in Premiere Pro.
  4. Reserve equipment and facilities. Call us at 703-524-2388 to make a reservation. See our Equipment and Usage Fees (PDF) for a complete list of price sets available for volunteer producers.

Post Production and Once Your Program Is Complete

  1. Submit your volunteer hours. After every shoot, edit session or other production activity complete a Volunteer Hours form (PDF) and submit it to AIM. This is important, as volunteers can use accumulated hours to substantially reduce usage fees for their own productions. A member may earn volunteer hours by volunteering on other producer’s programs, but you may not earn volunteer hours for your own program.
  2. Give AIM credit. All programs produced using AIM equipment or facilities must contain the following closing credit: “Produced through the facilities of Arlington Independent Media”. A 5 second animated tag with that information is available.
  3. Export your program into a digital file that abides by AIM format standards. See our Video Format Chart containing the specifications for accepted formats.
  4. Ingest your program at our facility.
    1. Bring your finished program to our facility saved to an external storage device that is functional on a Microsoft PC.
    2. Ingest your program at our ingest station, following the instructions provided there.
  5. Complete and sign a Channel Use Agreement Form (PDF). This form gives AIM permission to air your program on our channel.

Once your program is ingested and the necessary Channel Use Agreement Forms are signed, your program will be scheduled to air on our channels (Comcast 69 and Verizon 38 in Arlington County) based on what time slots are available.

Producer Resources

Talent Release Form (PDF)
Frequently Asked Questions


The Arlington Independent Media high definition production facility is equipped with:

• Three-camera studio
• Full complement of portable production equipment
• Custom-designed mobile flypack
• Premiere Pro editing system
• State-of-the-art on-air radio studio
• Multipurpose audio production suite

All equipment and facilities are available to AIM members who have completed the appropriate AIM training workshops and are creating public access programming. There are nominal fees for use of AIM equipment for public access productions, and these fees can be reduced by redeeming accumulated volunteer hours. For current rates, see our PDF icon Facility and Equipment Usage Fees. To make a reservation, please call 703-524-2388. You must be a current member with a Program Information Form on file to use AIM equipment and facilities for public access production.